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International United Miss


Hello and welcome to the official website of the International United Miss pageant system- a scholarship-style pageant system dedicated to the girls and women who represent us. We pride ourselves on recognizing the incredible accomplishments of our Queens and competitors, both achieved on and off the pageant stage. Our experienced directors (who together have over 40 years of dedication to the pageant community) along with our staff have worked diligently to create a pageant organization focused on the competition aspects that REALLY work the best and that delegates enjoy the most. We know that beauty is not only on the outside but the inside as well which is why we have based our system around the aspects of personal judges’ interview, community service and involvement, as well as poise and personality during on-stage competitions.

We hope that you will take the time to browse through our entire website, take a look at our official areas of competition, and check out our illustrious group of International & National titleholders who are sure to leave their mark on the pageant world! 


Age Divisions

Princess - 5-7 years old

Jr. Preteen - 8-10 years old

Preteen - 11-13 years old

Jr. Teen - 14-16 years old

Teen - 17-19 years old

Miss - 20-24 years old

Ms. - 25 and up

All division ages will be determined as of your age on July 1, 2020.
There are no fall-backs and no bumping up of divisions. 

Overall Areas of Competition

One on One Interview - 35%
Each contestant will meet with the judges one on one for a personal interview. Questions will not be confusing or difficult, but rather to get to know the contestant. Miss and Ms. contestants should be prepared for current event type questions. You are not being judged on your opinion but rather how you get your point across. Interview attire is expected but not judged. 

Evening Gown - 20%
All contestants will be required to model an evening gown of their choice. All evening gowns should be floor length, age-appropriate, and flattering to the contestant. Make sure the gown fits well and is altered to the appropriate length. There are to be no slits on any contestant younger than Miss!! 

High Fashion Runway - 20%
Show off your style and have FUN on the runway! Outfits can be as over the top or as subdued as the contestant wants. This competition is not about the outfit but rather how the contestant wears it and shows their confidence and personality! 

Introduction - 15%
The contestant will deliver a personal introduction on stage in front of an audience and the overall panel of judges. Introductions should include hobbies, interests, life ambition, and name. The judges will be instructed to take notes during the introduction to help guide the questions during the interview. The time limit is 45 seconds.

Community Involvement - 10%
All delegates are required to submit a total of 3 hours of community service to qualify for the National and International titles. Hours must be submitted on a simple log and submitted during pageant check-in.

***Community service is a not-for-pay activity that is performed by someone or a group of people for the benefit of the public or its institutions.  A minimum of three hours of service is required.

STATE Required areas of competition differ from internationals.

Interview- 50%
Evening Gown- 30%
Introduction- 15%
Community Involvement- 5%

Contestants are required to bring three items for community involvement. These can be school supplies, books, or non-perishables. The three items must be handed in at registration and the full 5% will be awarded to the contestant at that time. 

Appointed titles are now being awarded to individuals in states that do NOT have a state pageant. We require that you prove residency of the state you take an appointed title for. If you go to school in one state and have an official residence in another, you may choose which state you want to represent! Appointed State titles are $975 which includes the following:

  • Registration Fee

  • Official International United Miss State Crown and Banner

  • International United Miss Official T-Shirt

  • All International required events (Gown, Introduction, Interview, HIgh Fashion Runway)

  • Delegate's ticket to all the Themed Dinner Parties

  • Full Page Queen Ad in the International Program book