How to compete at IUM

Your first step to competing for an International or National title begins here! Registration is online and you will be directed to the appropriate director. If you have any questions, please send an email to


Appointed Titles 

Do you live in a state without a live state pageant? We appoint one queen per division, per state!! Register for your state title before it is too late! 



State pageant registration 

If you live in a state that hosts a live state pageant, your first steps to the International and National titles begin here!  


National United Miss Titles

Did you place as a runner up at your state pageant? Did you win or place in an optional competition? Do you live in a state without a live state pageant? Was your state title already appointed? Click the link to register for National United Miss!


At this time, we have not instituted a no-compete requirement for our State Queens however we reserve the right to institute such a requirement in the future.

For International or National Titleholders, you may NOT compete in another pageant system until after you have crowned your successor. International United Miss expects its royalty to be a loyal spokeswoman to the IUM system for the full duration of their reign

Any delegate that does not fulfull her requirements shall be ineligible to compete or apply for a state or regional title for a period of two years