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We are now looking for state coordinators to host a pageant in a state near you!  Read More

International United Miss will be having a New Jersey state pageant October 21- 22, 2017!!! 

Get ready for a pageant system centered around YOU! 

Check out information on how to compete for the titles of International United Miss and National United Miss! Read More

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Coming soon!! 

Do you want to be treated like royalty?

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International United Miss


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Follow us on Instagram at intlunitedmiss!!! We have fun contests and challenges all year long! 

Our NEW 2017 International royalty will be taken on an all-inclusive vacation!!! Join us August of 2017 in Atlantic City for our international competition!!! 

  • To provide a fun and FAIR arena for ladies 5 and up to compete! 
  • To make YOU our focus! 
  • To make a difference in our world!
  • To promote communication skills!
  • To award community service efforts!
  • To build confidence and poise...
  • To help mold our future leaders...
  • To be innovative and unique!

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